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January 30, 2007


Ruth Randall

Congratulations! Your comments on NYC parking are much appreciated!

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hey, 2 comments already! Thanks so much, Ruth and Patsi.

Patsi: I should certainly hope that you have some blogging advice for me - otherwise I'd feel cheated. :-)

Looking forward to hearing it all on Thursday.


I heard about your blog on voiceamerica. I would like to put my car, set my vehicle, leave the car on the street without getting scolding from the authorities.

Connie Ragen Green

I'm so glad to see your blog that will compliment your website so well. There was an article in the Los Angeles Times last week about the problems of parking in San Francisco and I thought of you right away. I hope you're going to help all of us who need to park in San Francisco regularly.

Marna Reinhardt

Hi Erik,

I just heard you on VoiceAmerica and I wanted to express a sincere Congratulations! to you for winning the Ideal Client Contest with The Blog Squad. I am at a crossroads in my own career life and have been researching this phenomenon we call blogging. Thru a series of links I landed on Blogging and Beyond and from there I have slowly been developing my business plan. I've spent the last 20 years in high-end chocolate manufacturing but have decided that a common thread in everything I have done is writing. I think your business concept is wonderful, as I have lived in "PC" cities such as Seattle and San Francisco...and I am impressed by your ability to harness technology and everyday parking issues together in order to really serve a common need. I plan to stay posted as you work your way through this blogging process and I appreciate the fact that I will benefit by your experience. Your confidence, coupled with your desire to learn and be helped will guarantee you a following and a success that will be dynamic and long-lasting.

Go for it!
Marna Reinhardt

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Nice to get these comments so fast after the radio show has ended. Chris: You can do that - information is power, which means that knowing where (and when) you can and cannot park puts you ahead of the game. Many drivers don't realize that it's equally important to know where and when you cannot park. Parking tickets and tows are just too expensive to risk it. Parking lots and garages can be expensive, but they are deals to be found if you do a little homework.

Our website at: may be helpful to you. No matter what, information is available - use it to your advantage.

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Connie: Thank you so much. We do have plans to do a parking search engine for San Francisco in the near future. Boston is nearing completion and San Francisco will be next. My uncle lives in Berkeley and drives a cab in SF, so I know all about the paking woes there.

Hang tight, we be there ASAP!

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Thans so much, Marna. I do appreciate your kind words of support - parking is a very difficult issue in most cities, it really makes me feel good when people are so supportive about this project. Best of luck to you, too, and let me know how it goes.

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