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March 27, 2007



resently i was treated to lunch at a restaurant on king's highway in brooklyn which's happen's to be right in front of a bus we were leaving i went to get the car which was around the corner at a meter,the woman who paid was leaving the restaurant she is 76 yrs of age with a cane,so i pull up to the sigh poll, at that moment a meter person came over and gave me a ticket for $115 i said i was allow to pick up,didn't matter. went to court in staten island judge o'keefe ask me how long did it take for the woman to get in the car i said i am not sure maybe 2 or 3 minutes.judge ruled that was to long, i guess i should have said 20 to 30 seconds,tho that would sound like a lie, she even came to court with me and we lost. what is the actual time span to pick up or drop off at a bus stop? THANKS

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Colin,

I’m really sorry that this happened to you - it is totally unfair! There is no exact time given as to how long you may "stand" (sit behind the wheel of your car) while picking someone up or dropping them off. Common sense tells me that the time is however long it takes to do so, provided that you are trying to do it as fast as possible. For the judge to rule that 2-3 minutes to pick up a 76-year-old who needs to use a cane to walk is just crazy. I think that if you appeal this ruling, it might be reversed. If your friend could get a note from her doctor stating that she cannot walk fast, it would be useful evidence. Also, if anyone else saw that she was trying to get to the car as fast as possible (given her condition), it would help you to have that person sign a written statement as an eyewitness. I truly don’t believe that you did anything wrong and I hate when the system takes advantage of people. I can’t promise that the ruling would be overturned if you appeal, but I do believe that you have a good shot.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Best of luck if you decide to appeal.


Is a ticket considered defective, if the name of the operator is not written on ticket, even though ticket was handed to the driver? What is my chance to beat this double parking ticket for picking up a passenger who was getting in car when agent pulled up. We were there less than two minutes and have CT plates.

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Well, the CT plates won’t help you, they won’t consider that as a defense. The fact that it was less than two minutes might help you, it really depends on the area and what the signs said. If it was a very busy area with "No standing anytime" signs, then they can ticket you even in such a short time.

You said that the name of the operator is not written on the ticket - do you mean that your name isn’t there or the issuing agent’s name isn’t there? If the issuing agent’s name isn’t there and/or if they didn’t sign it, the ticket is definitely defective and should be dismissed.

We list all the reasons why a ticket can be considered defective in our books & ebooks:

If you decide to fight this ticket and need help or advice, we now offer one-on-one phone consultations where we answer all your questions, tell you what evidence you’ll need, how to present that evidence and how to go about contesting the ticket. It may be possible to get the fine reduced even if you are found guilty. The consultation cost less than $15 and our advice will be applicable to almost any ticket you receive:

Best of luck!

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

The traffic agent did not ask for the car operator's name (my husband was driving) and the part of the ticket where it states the operator name and/or owner name is blank. (I mentioned the CT plates since I heard that the operator name may not have to be stated on the ticket if he's from out of state.) The issuing agent's name and signature is on the ticket. There is metered parking on 106th street, but the only parking place available had hard packed snow in it (we were there on Feb 17, three days after the big Feb 14 snowstorm) and we coud not get into the space ,so we pulled up in front of my son's apartment , double parked beside a parked car and he got into our car at that point.


Unfortunately, the ticket won't be considered defective because the driver's name isn't on it (unless something else is missing). You could try to fight it by saying you were only there for a minute while picking someone up and hope that if they don't dismiss it they at least reduce the fine.

Joshua Bright

The rearmost point of my car is about 1 foot beyond the sign that says 'loading only'. Could I be in trouble ? Does every last inch of my car have to be on the safe side of it ?
Or, is this a matter of Official discretion ?

Erik Feder  - The Parking Expert

Great question, Joshua.

It really is a matter of ‘Official Discretion’. There is no official ruling on how much of you car may extend past a sign that prohibits parking. As a general rule, I’ve found that USUALLY you are safe if it protrudes into the "danger zone" by a foot or less. That being said, even though (believe it or not!) most will cut you a little slack, a NYC parking traffic agent can ticket you for this, so do so at your own risk.

jay leonhart

I am about to buy a car and want to find a place to park this car in Manhattan year round for a low rate. I live at 88th and West End.

Jay leonhart

Erik Feder  - The Parking Expert

Hi Jay,

You may want to check out our Manhattan Parking Search Engine at We list almost 600 Manhattan parking garages, many in uptown Manhattan near 88th and West End.

Our service will provide you exact location, hours and contact info for each garage listed. We also list some monthly rates, but I’d advise calling those nearest you to check their monthly rates. The rates change often and different vehicle types may vary the cost, so your best bet is always to check with them directly. With our Manhattan Parking Search Engine, you’ll have the nearby options at your fingertips as well as street parking info for those times that you want to park on the street.


Im going to school at the institute of audio research in manhattan.the address is 64 University Place,where is the best place to park,meter or free street parking.Im starting school on May 14th 2007.

Ruth K

Even though I'm extremely cautious when parking... I got a $115. ticket! I was on Central Park West @104th St, easily 2 1/2 "bus lengths" behind the bus stop, so I thought I was okay. There were minimal amounts of yellow paint at the curb (so minimal I didn't see them, but my sister pointed them out after-the-fact).
I goofed, didn't I... by not being sure there was another sign that ok'd parking?? I am wondering if there is any determined space behind a bus stop, or if there MUST be an "ok to park here" sign?
My only hope is that, at the top of the ticket, where it says "Name or VIN", the space was left blank... am I lucky?? Or... not??
Hopefully, Ruth

Erik Feder  - The Parking Expert

Hi Ruth,

So sorry to hear about this parking ticket. The law states that one parking sign per block is enough to cover that whole block, so if there was no other sign OKing parking, then the Bus stop sign was still in effect.

We do provide a 1-on-1 phone consultation service to answer your NYC parking ticket questions. You can check out and sign up for this at:

It may be possible to have this ticket dismissed or the fine reduced - I'd need more info before giving a qualified answer.

Erik Feder  - The Parking Expert

Hi Bob,

You may want to check out our Manhattan Parking Search Engine at We list complete Manhattan parking regulations as they appear on whatever street you search, including all meter and alt side street cleaning regulations.

With our Manhattan Parking Search Engine, you can search by cross-street, date, time and even pick the size of the area you want to search, from as small as 50 feet all the way up to 1 mile. Our system will show you exactly where it's legal to street park based on the search criteria that you enter and by seeing the regulations, you'll be able to decide if a meter or free street parking is available.

The Manhattan Parking Search Engine also gives you info on almost 600 Manhattan parking garages if you need that option.

There are in fact some good options for street parking Downtown where your school is located.

kari denis

Any idea of lots in Park Slope? We are moving from Philadelphia (where parking is also bad especially since many of the streets were built long before cars!). It is hard to park in the city for free without being a resident. Well, we are moving to an even crazier parking situation and wonder if you have any leads on Park Slope parking lots. Thanks! Kari

Erik Feder  - The Parking Expert

Hi Kari,

Sorry, at the moment our service is only for Manhattan parking, though we plan to add other "PC" (Parking Challenged) cities soon, which may include the other boroughs.

Larry Graham

Just read about Colin from Brooklyns' parking ticket ...I drive a stretch limo. About 7-8 years ago I dropped off some folks at Smith and Wolenskys on 3RD Ave and 49th...As I got back in the car a patrol car pulled along side and asked for reg . etc....they were very rude and took about 20 minutes to write the ticket...I asked what it was for and they told me to read the ticket and they took off won't believe this was for discharging passengers in a bus lane without omnibus licence plates !!! I believe at the time it was a $96 fine ...I paid cause I couldn't afford the time off ...and I did actually do what the ticket said ...I never did that again ..Lesson learned !!!

Keep up the good work ! Larry

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Larry,

Thanks for relaying that story. That's really bad that they were so rude. In the future, it's usually worth it to fight these things - even by mail - because there's a good chance that the fine will be at least reduced if not dismissed. If you're ever in a similar situation again (hopefully not) where you get an NYC parking ticket, we have a very low cost (under $15) phone consultation where we tell you exactly how to fight your ticket, what evidence you need, how to present it, etc:

All the best and thanks again,



I understand that different neighborhoods in the same borough have alternate side parking for street cleaning on different days, but why do some streets have alternate side only 2 days a week, such as in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and my neighborhood, Clinton Hill, has alternate side 4 days a week?

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Marcia,

Thanks for your comment/question. The City bases this on how often they feel a given street needs to be cleaned and on other variables like if it's a residential or commercial area. It's also worth noting that while both areas are part of Brooklyn, there may be different people in the city government that are responsible for each area. So a certain government body may be responsible for Cobble Hill while another is responsible for Clinton Hill and one may decide that more street cleaning days are necessary for their area, regardless of what the other does.


Hi Erik,
I've got a question that is sort of a follow-up on the recent parking meter questions. I know that meters don't have to be fed on Sundays, but what about the time restrictions that are ordinarily in effect when the meters are active? In other words, if I park on a Sunday at a meter that ordinarily has a six-hour limit, do I still need to move the car within six hours, or can I theoretically leave it there all day? Thanks for all the great info! -Mark

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your excellent question. I love when I am able to write a response that should make readers happy: On Sundays, you can leave your car at the metered spot all day - not only are metered spots free on Sundays, but the regulations (hours) are not in effect.

So glad that you like Parkazine (our free eNewsletter) and the NYC parking services we provide.


Conflicting Signs

I got a ticket for parking on Sunday on 58th Street East of York Ave, on N/E corner.

Sign at corner said No Standing Mon - Fri (4-7 PM)
Sign at middle of dead end block said, No Standing Anytime

I went for a hearing. Hearing officer said computer has it as "No Parking Anytime." He said my pics must be for York even though I had a pic on the same signe post, York Ave side, saying "No Standing 7-7, except Sundays."

Officer told me to come back with pics of the whole block. If I did that, it would show the No standing Anytime sign, which conflicts with the one I was right next to at the corner: No Standing M- F. He took case out of the system.

Is it worth going back? Does the more restrictive sign automatically superced e a less restrictive sign?

Also, would I have a better chance doing it by mail, since I was told the hearing officer can only pronounce guilty or not-guilty with full fine?

It was Sunday. The sign by my car said M-F, and another sign down the block said Anytime. Does that make me guilty?

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Dan.

I’m really sorry to hear about this NYC parking ticket that you received. The bad news is that when there are conflicting signs, the more restrictive one is the one that is in effect (of course, they don’t make this information readily available). There may be good news depending on the positioning and arrows of the M-F sign that was next to where you parked. I need a bit more info before I can advise about that.

We’d have to show that the sign that showed M-F actually governed the area where you parked. We offer a new service at our website which is a 1-on-1 phone consultation with me where I can advise you about the best way to present evidence and contest/appeal these kinds of parking tickets. It’s very reasonably priced and we have a special deluxe package where if you purchase (or have already purchased) the annual subscription for our Parking Search Engine, the phone consultation is only an additional $9.95. I would think that there’s a good chance that they will offer to reduce the fine if they don’t dismiss it.

The phone consultations and all our subscription packages can be purchased directly at:

It’s hard to say if it’s better by mail or not - you might get a sympathetic person when you go there. I think that it’s fine to do it by mail as well (same chance you’ll get some sympathy).

Best of luck and even if you don’t use our phone consultation, please keep me informed as to what happens.


Erik replied:
The bad news is that when there are conflicting signs, the more restrictive one is the one that is in effect (of course, they don’t make this information readily available). There may be good news depending on the positioning and arrows of the M-F sign that was next to where you parked. I need a bit more info before I can advise about that.

We’d have to show that the sign that showed M-F actually governed the area where you parked.

Dan: The No Standing M-F sign at the corner had an arrow facing into the block where my car was. I was the first car by the corner(on a Sunday). In the middle of the block there was a NO Standing Anytime sign with a double arrow facing each way.

Thank you

A. Bent

I have a friend whose handicap makes walking for more than a short distance difficult. I cannot remember seeing handicapped parking spaces reserved where street parking is allowed. Are there such spaces?

Also, I have been told that in some states that if the vehicle has a handicapped sticker or tag the driver may park anywhere. Is that true in NYC?

Thanks for your help.

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