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April 03, 2007



So I was in NYC last night for the NY Auto Show and I got ticketed and towed. I parked 36th street right across from the Javits center where there was a big line of parked cars. There also happened to be a No Standing sign. Little to my knowledge, No Standing means No Parking. Is this worth fighting (plea of ignorance) or should I try to take pics and say I wasn't parked by a No Standing sign. Also, is is best to protest in person, via mail or internet. Any help would be appreciated.

Erik Feder - The Parking Expert

Hi Lauren,

So sorry to read about your parking ticket woes. Getting ticketed and towed is a terrible feeling - it's one of the reasons that I embarked on this project.

We offer a 1-on-1 phone consultation to help you decide the best way to fight this ticket. You can purchase this consultation at our website - the direct link is:

We offer a stand alone consultation and a special deluxe package that combines the phone consultation with a year subscription to our Manhattan Parking Search Engine.

If you want to do the consultation, I'll do my best to help. In cases where it's not possible to get a parking ticket dismissed,it often is possible to get the fine reduced.


Still waiting for ideas on how to get out of the rural (state beach) parking ticket that 10 of us got last week!


I just got a ticket that was issued two years ago but i just barely got the notice of this citation. How could this be? How to fight it and win?

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